Witness the Garangolm wreak havoc in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Capcom has released new trailers to give players a sneak peek of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Capcom has released two new trailers for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, an upcoming DLC expansion for Monster Hunter Rise.
One trailer gives a tour of the new Citadel map, showing off its unique environments and local wildlife.
The second trailer shows off a player attempting to hunt a Garangolm, one of the Sunbreak’s new monsters.

We’re only a few months away from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak unleashing upon the world. To whet players’ appetite for this massive DLC expansion, Capcom has recently uploaded two trailers for Sunbreak. They showcase a new area the players will explore, and some of the new monsters players will hunt down.

The first trailer is a tour of one of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s new areas, called the Citadel. This was once a prosperous section of the Kingdom (the main setting of Sunbreak), but it has since fallen into ruin and reclaimed by nature. The Citadel has a variety of unique biomes such as grasslands, castle ruins, snow-covered mountaintops, and foggy swamplands.

The monsters that inhabit these lands are just as diverse, such as the goblin-looking Boggi, the peaceful and beautiful Gowngoat, and the giant mosquito-like Vespoids. However, one of the more dangerous monsters living in this area is the subject of the second trailer, the Garangolm.

The Garangolm is a gigantic, gorilla-esque monster that has the ability to produce a special sap that attracts fauna to its body and harden into body armor to defend against predators. When it gets enraged, Garangolm punches the ground and uses its fauna-attracting sap to attach magma to its right fist and water-drenched moss on the left, giving it the ability to inflict fire and water-based attacks upon its prey.

This trailer also gives players a glimpse at one of the new armor sets, weapons, and Silkbind Attacks that players will receive in Sunbreak. In the trailer, the player and their Palico and Palamute companions are wearing gear obtained from hunting the Lunagaron. The player is shown unleashing a new Silkbind Attack for the Dual Blades called the Spiral Slash, where they use the Wirebug to catapult themselves into an enemy and use their blades like a drill to pierce their hides.

This is a just small sample of what players can expect to face when Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on June 30, 2022.

Rise to hunt at dawn

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Save the Kingdom from the malevolent Malzeno.

Sail to distant lands to hunt a threat in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This DLC expansion will bring new Wirebug actions to master, new gear to collect, and tons of new monsters to slay alongside your friends.

Witness the Garangolm wreak havoc in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak