Warframe for Xbox One celebrates the holidays, and we run into crazy glitches

Last week we published a guide on how to download and play Onigiri, the first massively multiplayer online game for Xbox One. But the Xbox One already has another free to play game that’s similar to an MMO: Warframe. Warframe doesn’t have true hubworlds like an MMO, but it’s still quite a robust multiplayer game (in English). Since we reviewed Warframe a few months ago, developer Digital Extremes has continued to update the game with new quests, characters, items, and refinements. The most recent major update added Archwings, which give players the ability to fly and participate in brand-new game types. Perhaps less positively, I’ve also been running into some fairly insane looking graphical glitches in these last few weeks. Read on to see screens and videos of the glitches, plus details on Warframe’s holiday celebration!