Save nearly $50 on a refurb Elgato Wave:3 USB condenser mic from Corsair

Did you know Corsair owns Elgato, and because of that relationship you can find great deals on refurbished Elgato products through the Corsair website? Right now the Elgato Wave:3 USB condenser microphone is on sale for $71.99 as a refurbished device. That’s a huge discount compared to the new version of the mic, which is currently going for $120 on Amazon and often sells for as much as $150. This deal includes free shipping even though ordering from Corsair usually requires a $79 minimum for that, and it is also covered by a 90-day warranty as a refurb product.

Elgato Wave:3 refurbished USB mic | $48 off new

Uses a tight cardioid polar pattern to capture your speech. Use the Wave Link app to control the mic and up to seven other audio sources. Create two independent mixes. Prevents distortion with Elgato’s Clipguard tech.

$71.99 at Corsair

Jez Corden reviewed the Wave:3 mic and gave it 4 out of 5 stars with a Recommended badge. He said, “Elgato’s first foray into condenser microphones is an impressive one, sporting great sound and built-in production features well-worth checking out.”

With the Wave:3 you get a condenser capsule that has a tight cardioid polar pattern, which is really important for content creators. That cardioid pattern is great for picking up speech while also negating sounds coming from directly behind it. The tighter the pattern the more focused it is on your speech instead of the clicky clack of your keyboard or sounds coming from your speakers.

You can even load up the Wave Link app and get some advanced controls for your new mic along with seven other audio sources. You can even create two independent mixes. Elgato’s proprietary Clipguard tech prevents distortion, too, and helps you sound great all the time.

Save nearly on a refurb Elgato Wave:3 USB condenser mic from Corsair