All legendary weapons in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Gear up with the very best weapons you can get.

Loot is a staple of the Borderlands franchise, and that’s no different in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In addition to the classic guns and shields (now called wards, to fit with the fantasy theme), Wonderlands introduces armor, amulets, rings, spells, and melee weapons. The best of the best are legendary, offering special abilities that you won’t find with other items. Legendary gear can usually be found in chests or from boss enemies, and it’s always a treat to hear the chime signaling a legendary drop.

We’ve compiled a list of all of the legendary items confirmed to be in the game so far, along with their manufacturers. And as for where to farm these weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we’re working on that too.

Note: As the game releases, more and more people will discover its legendary items. This list is a work in progress as we uncover new gear, so rest assured we’ll be adding to it in the coming days. Because the names of some of the items are so long and this is all fantasy-themed, it’s unclear which parts are prefixes or suffixes that change and which are the fixed model name. It appears that “of the …” may be suffixes on gear, but we’ll update once we learn more. Keep in mind that many of these weapons can have variants with different status effects and stats, but are still the same model.

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Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Rocket Launchers

Legendary SMGs

Borea’s Breath (Feriore)
Blazing Volley (Hyperius)
Fragment Rain (Feriore)
Throwable Hole (Feriore)
Live Wire (Dahlia)
Shadowfire (Feriore)
White Rider (Dahlia)
Wizard’s Pipe (Hyperius)

Legendary Assault Rifles

Crossbolt Generator (Blackpowder)
Lil K’s Bread Slicer (Stoker)
Manual Transmission (Stoker)
Rogue Imp (Skuldugger)
Quad Bow (Dahlia)

Legendary Pistols

Apex (Dahlia)
Automagic.exe (Stoker)
Boniface’s Soul (Feriore)
Catatumbo (Blackpowder)
Gluttony (Feriore)
Liquid Cooling (Skuldugger)
Masterwork Handbow (Blackpowder)
Message of Blastoff (Torgue)
Perceiver (Dahlia)
Ruby’s Spite (Dahlia)
Queen’s Cry (Stoker)

Legendary Sniper Rifles

Antique Greatbow (Hyperius)
Carrouser (Blackpowder)
Dry’l’s Fury (Stoker)
Kao Khan (Hyperius)
Portable Sawmill (Stoker)
Practiced Envy (Blackpowder)
Skeep Prod (Dahlia)

Legendary Shotguns

Circuitous Gyre (Huperius)
Crossblade (Blackpowder)
Hawkin’s Wrath (Torgue)
Red Hellion (Hyperius)
Reign of Arrows (Blackpowder)
Swordsplosion (Torgue)

Legendary Rocket Launchers

Cannonballer (Torgue)
Blue Cake (Skuldugger)

Legendary Spells

Arcane Bolt (Conjura)
Barrelmaker (Arken)
Buffmeister (Miraculum)
Dazzler (Conjura)
Frozen Orb (Conjura)
Gelatinous Cube (Conjura)
Glacial Cascade (Conjura)
Inflammation (Wyrdweaver)
Laserhand (Arken)
Marshmallow (Conjura)
Reviver (Conjura)
Sawblades (Wyrdweaver)
Skullantir (Conjura)
Threads of Fate (Arken)
Time Skip (Wyrdweaver)
Twister (Conjura)

Legendary Melee Weapons

Diamondguard Sword (Swifft)
Fatebreaker (Valora)
Frying Pan (Bonk)
Goblin Pickaxe (Kleave)
Peg Leg (Bonk)
Pincushion (Bonk)
Ragnarok (Torgue)
Slammin’ Salmon of Mirth (Bonk)
Snake Stick (Kleave)
Spellblade (Swifft)
Twin Soul (Swifft)
Wailing Banshee (Valora)

Legendary Wards (Shields)

Afterburner (Pangoblin)
Ancient Deity (Hyperius)
Bad Egg (Pangoblin)
Body Rune (Ashen)
Cursed Wit (Pangoblin)
Full Battery (Hyperius)
Hammer and Anvil (Hyperius)
Last Gasp (Ashen)
Maced Wardu (Hyperius)
Mind Rune (Ashen)
Shamwai (Ashen)
Spirit Rune Defiant (Ashen)
Transistor (Hyperius)
Trick Mirror (Ashen)
Undead Pact (Pangoblin)

Legendary Rings

Championship Ring
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Finger Ward
Mood Ring
Promise Ring
Shell Casing Ring
Thumb Cuffs

Legendary Amulets

Frenzied Wrath
Overflow Bloodbag

Legendary Armor

Amalgam (Swifft)
Blank Slate (Swifft)
Calamity of Revivifying (Valora)
Corrupted Platemail (Valora)
Deathless Mantle (Swifft)
Diamond Gauntlets (Valora)
Head of the Snake (Swifft)
Mantis Claw (Kleave)
Pandemecium (Kleave)
Selective Amnesia (Kleave)
Smart Armor (Valora)
Storm Claw (Kleave)
Warped Paradigm (Swifft)

Enter the Wonderlands

If you’ve yet to join in on the Borderlands action, you’ll be treated to some of the best shooters on Xbox right now. Despite Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands being a bit different with an Overworld area, it still retains that classic Borderlands action for all to enjoy. And if you love the series but weren’t a fan of the internet-style influencer humor in Borderlands 3, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s none of that in Wonderlands.

Legendary loot

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Collect ’em all

The Borderlands series may boast billions of guns, but only a fraction of those are legendary. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, these legendary items will make your Fatemaker a killing machine.

All legendary weapons in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands