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12 days of tech tips: How to share digital Xbox One games

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! And games. Lots of games.

One of the most popular features of the Xbox One platform isn’t really advertised, but for those in the know, it can be supremely useful for households with multiple consoles, and particularly if you’re picking up additional Xboxes this holiday season for loved ones. ‘Tis the season to share and gift, after all.

As a by-product of the Xbox One policy of allowing you to use your games anywhere by signing in to your Microsoft Account, you can share your entire Xbox One library with a friend or family member.

Your Xbox One account can be signed into two consoles at any one time, locally, and over the internet. You can be signed into two separate Xbox One consoles permanently as a result, taking advantage of the ability to use your digital Xbox licenses both locally and via a roaming profile. Using this method, you can share your game library so friends and family can play your games without purchasing additional copies — it even works for multiplayer!

Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One of 2017

Looking for a great wheel to improve your Xbox One racing experience? Look no further.

When it comes to console racing, the Xbox One X is very well equipped with the best titles around. Whether you’re a Forza fan or prefer Project Cars 2 or F! 2017, Xbox is the place to be for racing on the console.

If you’re getting serious about your virtual racing, you’ll probably be interested in moving away from a controller and up to a wheel. And if you’re looking for the best, check out this little lot.

Best racing games for Xbox One

How 5G and Progressive Web Apps may fix Microsoft's app gap

Surface folding device fan render, by David Breyer.

Microsoft’s ambitions for Windows 10, cellular PCs and its potential folding mobile device have an undeniable Achilles Heel – the app gap. But there may be a solution on the horizon.

Microsoft’s personal computing efforts are often met with legitimate criticisms about its app gap. It lacks the developer support critical to the modern app model.

The current model has shortcomings, however. As app stores grow app discoverability becomes increasingly difficult. Furthermore, the average user uses only six apps regularly, doesn’t frequent app stores and rarely downloads new apps. In fact, web properties are engaged more frequently than apps.

As 5G networks, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and processors like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 begin to take root, some challenges of the current app model (which are problematic for all platforms) will be solved. This shift toward platform-agnostic PWAs may help Microsoft escape the app gap-imposing confines of the current app model. It will be the progressive implementation of 5G networks and modern processors, the maturation of PWAs and multi-generational waves of cellular PCs and folding-mobile devices that may help Microsoft overcome the app gap. Let’s break it down.

12 days of tech tips: Your whole family will appreciate a home media server

Make all the family happy with a home media server that provides all their holiday entertainment.

Pleasing everyone in the household is hard when it comes to music to listen to or TV and movies to watch. Everyone will have their own favorites, and everyone will want control of the remote. If you’re hosting family, there’s no simple solution. Or is there?

A home media server is not only a great way to enjoy your media, but it’s a great way to ensure everyone can enjoy their favorite media.

You can cut the cable cord at the same time or just load up your music and video library. And there’s so much you can do. Best of all, it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to set up. And your family will love you for it.

Top 10 Xbox game soundtracks in 2017

Xbox users in 2017 have had a solid lineup of great soundtracks to enjoy during playtime, so here are our picks for the top ten best game scores.

A large contributor to enjoyment in our video games is their musical compositions. Good soundtracks can help set a mood, accompany gameplay, and amplify emotional feeling in a story, among other things. 2017’s Xbox titles did not disappoint in this regard, and there’s plenty of amazing scores from this year’s games that you’re sure to love, but there are ten soundtracks that rise above the rest.

Let's talk about Microsoft vs. Apple and a unified app platform

Do consumers want to run apps from their iPhone or iPad on their $3,000 MacBook Pro?

Apple is reportedly going to find out in late 2018 as they attempt to merge some of the app platforms from iOS to macOS. The reason is evident to anyone who tries to download apps for their MacBook, which is a store where new apps are few and far between – think Windows Phone, but in reverse.

I wrote about this topic last week and now have added a video on the topic as well. So far, many people are giving Apple the benefit of the doubt, which reveals more about Microsoft’s lack of consumer confidence than Apple’s prowess at succeeding where Redmond had failed.

How to watch Blu-rays and DVDs on Xbox One

While the Xbox One S and Xbox One X come with 4K UHD Blu-ray support, it’s not as straightforward as it could be to get started with Blu-ray playback.

You’d think it would be as simple as popping in the disc, but it’s not since the Blu-ray functionality requires a separate app that is, for some reason, not bundled with the Xbox One.

If you’re a new Xbox One owner and you’re having trouble getting started, here’s how to get up and running with Blu-ray on Xbox One.

The tech Team Windows Central uses every day

The Windows Central team is often asked what gear they use on a daily basis. So here we’re going to talk about just that.

As we close out another year, there’s been a lot of great technology that crossed our paths in 2017. Windows PCs continue to get more innovative and become more and more powerful, and choosing between them is a challenge.

We have buyer’s guides galore, but ultimately, the Windows Central team is just like our readers in that we have to pick our own gear to use every day. We’re often asked what we use and why, so let’s end 2017 with a little insight into just that.

We narrowed it down to three categories: Our main PCs, the phones we’re using, and a “wild card,” for a piece of tech we’re using that genuinely surprised us or makes the day go that little bit better.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox One update lets you skip matchmaking for Squad mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will now let Xbox One players jump into Squad mode without using matchmaking.

Since hitting the Xbox One Game Preview Program earlier in December, PUBG has seen a number of updates to smooth out the experience and bring it closer to its much more polished PC sibling.