Reminder: Tune into Microsoft's IFA 2017 keynote right here this Friday

Tune into Microsoft’s IFA 2017 live stream live from Berlin this Friday, for all the latest news on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft recently announced its plans to host a keynote as a part of IFA 2017 – one of the world’s largest trade shows for consumer electronics. Kicking off on September 1, the first official day of IFA, the keynote is expected to showcase a range of third-party Windows 10 devices, with some potential new hardware reveals.

Microsoft starts letting Insiders test Office 365 from the Windows Store

A new way to distribute the Office 365 is getting close as Microsoft starts testing the productivity suite in its app store.

In June, Microsoft started selling the Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S – a restricted version of Windows 10 Pro that could only install apps from the Windows Store. Microsoft solved the problem of getting those devices Office 365 by putting the full suite in the Windows Store and using the Desktop Bridge. Dubbed Office 365 Preview the system let the user download all or single apps of the Office 365 suite with just a click.

It was always expected that Office 365 would be available to everyone through the Windows Store for those on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro and today the company is expanding the Preview to Insiders by special invitation.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 for Xbox One review — A dark, raw game you'll love

Deck Nine’s prequel series to Life is Strange kicked off today with an introductory episode, that excels in putting the player into the shoes of a hurt, confused and angry girl whose world has crumbled around her.

Ever since its unveiling at E3 this year during Microsoft’s Xbox conference, fans of the original Life is Strange have been eagerly awaiting the release of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

When it finally went live this morning, the first episode of the new prequel title did not disappoint. Despite a few small issues, the compelling soundtrack, the series’s trademark gorgeous art style, thought-provoking choices, and an emotionally charged narrative all make Before the Storm’s four-hour long introduction a brutal, beautiful experience that you don’t want to miss.

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Step into the life of Chloe Price

Before the Storm gives us a firsthand account of Chloe’s earlier years — and the struggles in them.

In Before the Storm, we take control not of Max, but of Chloe Price, her best friend in the first game. Set three years prior to the original game, Before the Storm gives us a strong look into Chloe’s adolescence.

Call of Duty: WWII beta now live on Xbox One

A day earlier than scheduled, the Call of Duty: WWII beta is now live on Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 players may have received a first crack at the Call of Duty: WWII beta last weekend, but now it’s time for Xbox One to join the fray.

Microsoft flights first Windows 10 Redstone 4 build for Insiders on 'Skip Ahead'

The first Redstone 4 build up for testing has now been released to Windows Insiders who opted into the new “Skip Ahead” feature.

In July, Microsoft offered up the option for Insiders on the Fast ring to opt into a new “Skip Ahead” feature that would let them move on to testing the next big Windows 10 feature update, Redstone 4, while Redstone 3 is finishing up testing.

Microsoft’s new Mixer Create app lets you live stream games from your phone

 Microsoft’s mobile game streaming app Mixer Create is launching out of beta testing today on iOS and Android, allowing gamers to broadcast the games they’re playing right from their phone. This feature works on Android with all games, but is more limited on iOS. On iPhone, select games that have enabled Apple’s ReplayKit functionality will work, the company notes. That… Read More

Clearing up misconceptions about laser and optical mice

Should I get a laser or an optical mouse? Which one is better?

Mechanical ball mice are dead; long live optical and laser mice. While both are basically shaped the same and achieve the same purpose, what exactly are the differences between optical and laser mice? They’ve become quite similar over the last few years, but let’s take a close look to help you decide which one is for you.

New Xbox One update delivers Home improvements, new languages, 1080p Mixer streaming and more

Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Preview ring are getting a new Xbox One update packed with various features to explore.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled an in-progress version of the next Xbox One update, delivering a sneak peek at changes coming to the operating system this fall. While a key focus of the update was the early stages of a user interface overhaul based on the Fluent Design System, some significant tweaks to the Home screen, Xbox guide, and Community tab were also debuted.

After receiving feedback from Xbox Insiders, the second major build is now on its way to those in the Alpha Preview ring. Although new functionality is being introduced with this update, alterations are also being made to existing features across the Xbox operating system (OS).

As previously announced earlier this week, both Arabic and Hebrew language support are being added to the OS, ahead of a public rollout later this year. As languages both widely spoken across the world, their inclusion builds on Microsoft’s drive for inclusivity outside of its core markets. The addition of these is especially notable, as the first displayed right-to-left on the console.