Wired or wireless: which mouse is right for you?

Should I buy a wired mouse or a wireless mouse?

The debate of wired vs. wireless mice has been raging for years and won’t likely go anywhere soon. What’s the big deal? Just pick one and run, right? It’s a bit more complicated that just tail or no tail. Let’s have a look at the benefits and downsides of wired and wireless mice so that you can make up your mind once and for all and be rid of the internal struggle.

Wired mice
Wireless mice
Does the debate rage on?

Wired mice

Wired mice might seem like a thing of the (recent) past, but many people continue to swear by the cable. Why?

Better precision and response for gaming and graphic design

Although some of the wireless mice being made these days do cut down the difference of precision to an almost indeterminable level, many professional gamers and graphic designers will continue to swear by wired mice because of reduced input lag. In industries where milliseconds and micrometers make a difference, it’s good to know you’re getting the most precise mouse possible.