Windows Template Studio update brings new share features and more

Another Windows Template Studio update is now available, packed with new sharing features and more.

Microsoft has launched version 1.5 of Windows Template Studio, an update that brings several improvements to the Visual Studio extension across the board.

In this release, Microsoft has continued to improve the wizard. The update also packs new features for sharing, tweaks to templates, and much more. here’s a full look at what’s new, from the release notes:

New Features

Share source, share target
Feedback hub (added in v1.4)
Template improvements

Minor tweaks for Fluent
Caliburn.Micro Support (added in v1.4)
Improvements to the Wizard

Localization in all Visual Studio supported language
Adjusted the feature categories
Lots of under the hood bug fixes and code improvements
Much more Visual Basic engine work
Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution
Work to support Prism
Bug fixes

As for future updates to Windows Template Studio, Microsoft says it is working on a new image gallery feature, visual basic support, prism support, and much more.