Windows Shortcut commands

For those who love to use keyboard instead of clicking mouse, this post will be very useful which will teach you how to use Windows shortcut commands or shortcut key combination. Listed below shortcut commands are very frequently used and works for all Windows Operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Shortcut Command List:

Windows Key + D – “Show Desktop”, this command minimizes all the opened windows and shows Windows Desktop
Windows Key + M – Minimizes all the Opened Windows
Windows Key + E – To open “My Computer” (Also known as Windows Explorer)
Windows Key + F – “Search File and Folders”, this opens “Search Files and Folders” Window
Windows Key + R – “Run”, opens Run dialog box
Windows Key + U + U – To shut down your computer (Works on Windows XP)
Windows Key + U + R – To restart your computer (Works on Windows XP)
Windows Key + L – To “Lock Computer”
Alt + F4 – To close the current active Window
Alt + Tab – Switch over between opened Windows

Windows Key: A Button which is present in between Ctrl and Alt on the Left down corner of the Keyboard is called as Windows Key.