Windows Phones are helping the NYPD fight crime

The New York Police Department began piloting a program in late 2014 to equip its officers with Windows Phones, and it appears to be paying off. In a new report, officers describe how Windows Phones have helped them to more quickly react to nearby crimes and contact victims and witnesses. Apps on the Windows Phones can monitor incoming 911 calls, displaying the reported crime and a the phone number of the person who called it in. The report from ABC 7 New York describes one of many cases where this quick access to witnesses has paid off: “I observed a fight on Westchester and Morrison just a couple of blocks away – there was a number attached to the 911 call,” says Officer Espinal. Officer Espinal called it, and spoke to an EMS worker, a witness who described the suspect. Officer Espinal then radioed with other officers. “Responding officers were able to go in that direction, and not only did they recover the weapon that was used in the crime, but also able to locate the perp,” adds Officer Espinal. Not only are officers able to more proactively react to nearby crimes, but the Windows Phones also help as a translation tool. To check out more, be sure to watch the video from ABC 7 embedded below.