Windows Container Resources – DSC and VMM Templates, and more to come

Two weeks ago we released the first public preview of Windows Containers.  If you have not played with them yet – you really should!
It is really easy to get up and running, and we have a a lot of activity on the Windows Containers forums.  But today I want to talk about some of the resources that have been appearing in the last two weeks to help you try out Windows Containers in various environments.

Donovan VanHaltren, from Microsoft, has contributed a VMM template for deploying a Windows Container host virtual machine to our Container GitHub account.  You can go check it out here: This makes it super easy to get Containers up and running in an existing System Center environment.
Ben Gelens has published a Windows Containers DSC module.  You can download it here and read about it here  This is really cool to see.

Looking to the (hopefully not too distant) future:

Chanwit Kaewkasi, from Docker, has tweeted that he has Docker Swarm working with Windows containers –
Cloudbase Solutions have tweeted that they have a “Proof of concept” deployment of OpenStack deploying Windows Containers through the nova-docker project –

I am looking forward to playing with both of these soon.