Windows 7 Shortcut keys, Tips and Tricks

Download and learn Windows 7 shortcut keys, tips and tricks and increase your productivity. Each pdf document covers seven Windows 7 shortcut keys, tips and tricks and are listed here:

Tips and tricks in Windows7_Tips_1stEd.pdf include:

  1. Shuffling Through Program Windows
  2. Managing Your Windows.
  3. Project Your Display With Ease
  4. Multi-Monitor Window Management
  5. Aero Peek Your Desktop
  6. Live Clutter-Free
  7. Help the Help Desk Help You

Tips and tricks in Windows7_Tips_2ndEd.pdf include:

  1. Put a “Pin Up” of the Folders You Use Most
  2. Double-Up Your Windows
  3. Clear, Crisp Display—It’s In Your Control
  4. Order and Reason for Your Taskbar
  5. Taskbar Traversing
  6. BitLocker To Go Protection
  7. Your Own Personal Help Desk: Windows Troubleshooting Platform

Tips and tricks in Windows7-Tips-3rdEd.pdf include:

  1. Change the Scenery
  2. Crunch The Numbers
  3. Smart Printing
  4. Shake It Up.
  5. Clean your Desktop! And Order It Too
  6. Right-Click Mania
  7. Unveil Your Hidden Drives

Tips and tricks in Windows7_Tips_Tricks_4thEdit.pdf include:

  1. Help the Help Desk Help You
  2. Sticky Notes Avoid Sticky Situations
  3. Adaptive Display Brightness
  4. Notify Me, My Way.
  5. Authority over the Power Switch
  6. .ISO Files (Burning iso image files into CD / DVD)
  7. Locale Specific