Want to decorate your VR headset? You need some googly eyes.

You thought putting googly eyes on your VR headset would be easy? It’s a bit tricky if you don’t know which ones to buy.

Googly eyes are an excellent accessory to add to your VR headset. While you’re off in your virtual world, your friends and family still get a bit of a treat watching the eyes bobble around.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy any set of googly eyes for your headset. Some VR devices don’t have enough space for large eyes, while others have material that requires special care. Here’s your guide to getting googly eyes onto your VR headset.

Gear VR
Smooth-backed devices
Uneven-backed devices

Gear VR

While the Gear VR does come with a plastic back cover, you have to remove it to place your phone into the device. Additionally, you can’t use a case while using Gear VR because your phone has to fit into the Gear VR’s port and holder. This restricts what you can stick to your Gear VR, but there are still some options, though you’ll have to get a bit creative.