Using RDCMan v2.7 to Connect to a VM

Yesterday, I posted about a new version of RDCMan – where one of the new features was the ability to connect directly to virtual machines.  Since then, I have had a number of people ask me about how to actually make this work.  So here we go… The first thing you need is to know the virtual machine ID of the virtual machine you want to connect to.  You cannot find this through the GUI, but it is easy to get using PowerShell.  Here I am grabbing the ID for a virtual machine called “RDCMan Test” by running: get-vm “RDCMan Test” | Select ID Once you have the virtual machine ID, you can go over to RDCMan.  Here you want to create a new server entry – as though you were going to use Remote Desktop to connect to a physical computer.  You will want to put the address (or name) of the Hyper-V host in the Server name field.  Then you want to check the option for VM console connect and enter the ID for the virtual machine, like this: With all this in place – you will be able to connect to the virtual machine screen, just like you can with Hyper-V Manager: Cheers, Ben