TIP: Don’t Touch! Well okay go ahead…Touch Support in Visual Studio 2015

Today’s tip shows you the touch support added to the code editor in Visual Studio 2015 We recently announced the Visual Studio 2015 preview. So this week I wanted to share If you have a touch screen device, then chances are, like me, you find yourself reaching out more and more to tap the screen instead of reaching for your mouse. If so, you will love the new touch support in the code editor of Visual Studio 2015 allows you to select code, bring up the context menu, or zoom in and our using touch! If you liked this tip, check out the series Visual Studio Time Savers, where I share my favourite time saving tips. Give them a try and let me know what you think or share your own tips! There are more coming, so make sure to check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed to get tips as soon as they are posted. If one of these has helped you become more productive, make sure to comment on and share the videos. Have a tip that has made you more productive? Let us know by tweeting to @cdndevs (hashtag #vstips) or commenting on the Microsoft Developer Facebook wall.