This unique daily deal saves you $500 on the Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC

We are starting to see a relief in pricing on internal PC parts, especially where graphics cards are concerned. That’s great news for enthusiasts, but things aren’t quite back to normal just yet. You still stand to benefit a lot from a prebuilt gaming PC that has everything you need without overcharging you because of scalpers or whatever. Today at Best Buy you can get the Alienware Aurora R10 gaming desktop on sale for $2,099.99 as part of Best Buy’s deals of the day. While that still might seem like a steep price, it’s actually $500 off what this computer normally sells for. It’s actually a great price when you consider there are models that are much slower with older processors still going for more than this at Dell’s online store.

If the price even on sale is too much for you, there is this deal from a few days ago that is still live. It’s actually up by $100 from when we posted the deal, but that’s still a $400 savings and it’s a more affordable option.

Alienware Aurora prebuilt PC | $500 off

You get an AMD Ryzen 9 processor, 32GB RAM, a 2TB solid state drive, and a 2TB hard drive. It also has an AMD Radeon RX 6800XT for some intense gaming.

$2,099.99 at Best Buy

The Aurora R10 comes with a plethora of modern features and will be a computer that you use for years. The technical specifications include a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 computer processor, 32GB RAM which is a wonderful amount for multi-tasking and heavy-use applications, a 2TB solid state drive that offers you plenty of space and super fast read and write times for all your games and apps, and an extra 2TB hard drive that can be used for storing other things like photos and movies. It is also powered by an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card so you’ll be playing all the latest games at high settings for a long time.

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This unique daily deal saves you 0 on the Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC