This is how Scalebound fills the open-world RPG gap in the Xbox One's first-party lineup

The sheer scale of Gamescom is hard to describe. Almost every single events hall is packed out. Ubisoft were rocking a huge stage to show off the latest Just Dance, EA’s gigantic video walls blazed their 2015 line-up, and Blizzard had built up a mock-castle for their Hearthstone tournament, flanked by statues from all their famed franchises. All of the heavy hitters were there, Fallout 4, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V. You name it, it was either playable or had exclusive footage to show. As an Xbox writer, I hit first-party as a priority. The queue to attend Scalebound’s presentation didn’t boast the sheer volume of Fallout 4 or FIFA 2016, but I don’t think anything I saw at Gamescom 2015 left an impression as strong as Scalebound. Scalebound takes place on Draconis, a magical world bound to a force known as the pulse. The pulse is what gives Drew – Scalebound’s hero – his powers, and it’s what gives Draconis its unique appearance. Floating islands, gigantic twisting roots splitting the earth, and the huge warped creatures that served as the trailer’s finale.