The Toast Leather Cover for Surface Book is … almost great

Adding leather to your Surface Book has never been easier, but Toast needs some improvements first.

Toast is one of those exciting niche companies based in the United States that has found its calling: making wood-based covers for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But a few months ago, the company expanded its natural wood offerings to genuine leather to the Surface Book line.

The idea of leather on a PC intrigued me partially due to HP’s usage of it with the Spectre Folio. Between plastic, Alcantara, and metal surely leather had a place.

However, while I love the overall idea and feel of the Toast Leather Cover, some early generation-one issues keep me from enjoying it.

No Life ’til Leather

Toast Leather Cover for Surface Book

Starts at $99

Bottom line: A great idea marred by only a few imperfections the Toast Leather Cover is a unique idea that’ll also protect your Surface Book 1 or 2.