The Reason for Excitement at WPC 2015

A big piece of feedback I’ve received from Microsoft partners over the last several months is pretty simple: “WOW, what a year for the Enterprise Mobility Suite!” There has been no shortage of positive feedback about the value of the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and partners all over the globe have been quick to begin using it and sharing it with their customers. Repeatedly I’ve had partners tell me that the EMS value prop is so good that nobody wants to bet their business on the competition. To give you an idea of the type of feedback the EMS team hears every day, consider examples like Godiva, St. Luke’s Health System (I noted them in my recent “Summertime EMS Successes” blog post), and also check out this conversation I had with Patrick Wirtz from the Walsh Group. Furthermore, partners like Oxford Computer Group (our 2015 Enterprise Mobility Partner of the Year) have paved the way by being innovators and early adopters of EMS. The massive growth of the EMS means one thing for Microsoft partners: A huge opportunity to help our customers make a bold move into this cloud-first, mobile-first world. This momentum isn’t just a matter of having a killer value prop for enterprises – we have also gone above and beyond to create a powerful array of tooling, readiness, and offers/incentives for partners. This arsenal is going to be on full display this week at WPC. I believe it will be well worth your time to spend a few minutes checking out the investments we have made to reach and exceed EMS’s ambitious goals – and how our partners are a centerpiece of that vision. One specific area of investment I want to highlight (and you’ll hear much more about this at WPC) is the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner program, In particular, keep an eye out for the introduction of EMS to CSP. Back in March, EMS was enabled in the Cloud Solution Provider program (joining Office 365). During every step of the process (concept, design, final delivery) you can be at the center of the customer lifecycle with the resale, direct provisioning, billing, and the support of Microsoft Cloud Services. Microsoft is now expanding its CSP program to more partners with access to new cloud services – and we’re extending availability in 131 markets. All of this is supported by a new set of API’s and a partner management portal. Furthermore, with additional capabilities like multi-channel and multi-partner now enabled, I believe CSP is the best way for our partners to offer their customers a holistic EMS experience – from the resell to the managed services. As a CSP partner offering EMS, you have the ability to bring peace of mind to your customers by helping them make their workforce more productive, manage and secure data better than ever, save money, seamlessly integrate with existing investments – and do all this with a solution that just simply works. Microsoft and our partners are providing the best possible unified Enterprise Mobility Management solution to customers through CSP. That’s a pretty powerful message. I urge all of you to invest the time and energy to become a Cloud Solution Provider. This is a launch pad for you to build a successful Enterprise Mobility Management partner practice. To learn more and get started, visit Additionally, I encourage everyone at WPC to take the time to learn and understand how you can leverage our other core areas of investment that have been made to help partners build a thriving EMS practice. Specifically, check out: Cloud Platform University Online Enterprise Mobility Management competency Pre-configured demo environments Sales and Technical Readiness To learn more about the vast Enterprise Mobility solutions from Microsoft, check out the Success with Enterprise Mobility blog series.