The best smart rings for women

Rings are easily the best accessories a person can have. Not only are they subtle, but most of them also aren’t so heavy that your hand will start aching afterward, the way many smartwatches can. Granted, a smart ring can do less — there’s only so much technological marvel you can fit into a ring — and whether you want to count your steps, contact trusted contacts in an emergency, monitor your notifications discreetly, track your sleep cycles, or unlock your devices, there’s a smart ring out there for all the tech-y ladies. Now put your hands up!

Sweet dreams

Oura Silver Ring

The Oura Ring wants to ensure you’re getting a good night’s and ready to face the day. Measuring your pulse, body temperature and movements, Oura uses slim silver rings that can last a week on a single charge to keep you in tip top shape. This ring comes in a variety of colors and styles, but some are more expensive than others.

$299+ at Oura Ring

Best bling ring ever

Blinq Moonstone Crystal Smart Ring