Microsoft Outlook can be used as RSS Feeds Reader

RSS is abbreviated as either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feed are Rich website Summaries and Syndication and can be created using XML.

Now almost all the news, business, blogs, social networking website have RSS feeds and publish summaries of their content in a form that is easy for users to browse.

To subscribe the available RSS feed/s you need to have an RSS Reader and Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows you to subscribe to available RSS Feeds just like that.

A very simple example would be subscribing Tech-KB feed in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Just click on “Subscribe to RSS Feed” link available on this page at the top right navigation bar. This will ask confirmation message whether to launch Outlook Application, click on “Launch Application” and that is it. Congratulation you have subscribed to Tech-KB feed.

Another way to subscribe is copy the “Subscribe to RSS Feed” link by right clicking on “Subscribe to RSS Feed” and click on “Copy Shortcut” in IE 8, “Copy Link Address” in Google Chrome” or “Copy Link Location” in Firefox. Now open “Microsoft Outlook 2007” click on “Tools” > “Accounts Settings” and then click on “RSS Feed” tab then click on “New” and paste the copied link and click on “Add” and you are done. Now whenever you open “Outlook” you will get all the new content available in your Outlook RSS Feeds Folder.