Sharing Employees May Be Productive but it Creates Payroll Challenges

Employees sometimes work across multiple departments or projects, so their costs must be allocated with different codes. Perhaps your business has been growing from the ground up. Maybe you had a situation where everyone did a little of everything but now you’ve grown to the point that job descriptions are less fluid and more specific. Or perhaps you run a company comprised of scores of employees with various talents and gifts to bring to the table. Employees with special training or expertise may work on different projects across several departments within a single business.  If your accounting is divided by department, how do you calculate the compensation for an employee who wears several different hats? This can prove to be a minor nightmare for your payroll team. But, it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools in place, your accounting team can easily allot the proper payment to the employee and code it against the proper departments.

Automatically split an employee’s cost across multiple cost centers.

Integrity Data’s Employee Accounts and Splits solution was designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll software to address just such a situation. Employee Accounts and Splits allows you to automatically split employee costs by percentage based on department, position, pay code or GL Account. You can also implement a split code change by employee or for a group of employees faster and more accurately than when using manual processes.

In the past you may have had to create elaborate timesheets for employees to fill out when dividing their time between departments. It was a hassle for them and a hassle for the payroll team who had to track down, interpret and apply the information in a timely manner in order to get the payroll out on schedule. Such manual processes are almost guaranteed to produce errors and prevent your books from balancing. Inaccurate reports based on misapplied pay codes can create costly mistakes and lead to poor decision making.

Now all that is no longer necessary. Streamline complicated payroll issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and Integrity Data’s Employee Accounts and Splits. Save valuable time, avoid errors and empower decision makers by applying automation to a common, yet challenging, payroll situation.

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By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois