Safeguarding your Bing Ads login credentials from getting phished

Recently, there has been an increased incidence of phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google search. The top sponsored result on the Google search results page for queries such as {Bing ads}, {Bing ads login}, {Bing ads sign in} directs unsuspecting users to a look-alike Bing Ads login landing page. Such attacks can compromise the Bing Ads login credentials of advertisers.

We ask that advertisers be extra vigilant and not enter their login credentials on phishing sites. 

 bing ads phishing

How to Report a Phishing URL

In order to protect you from dangerous websites, Microsoft maintains a list of websites that puts you at risk through phishing, malware, etc. You can report such websites in Internet Explorer and Google using the below steps. In turn, Microsoft analyzes such websites and warns you if a site seems dangerous.

Internet Explorer

bing ads phishing


You can report a phishing website here, which in turn will take you to the page shown below.  Verify that you are not a robot and click “submit report.”

bing ads phishing


Steps for Staying Safe

Safeguarding your credentials is easy, provided you’re vigilant about doing so.  Here are three simple steps to protect yourself from phishing.

bing ads phishing

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