Review: WWE 2K16 for Xbox One, a slamming good time

Annualized sports games have a difficult schedule to keep. On the one hand, players want more than just a roster update to justify the yearly purchase of yet another sports sequel. They expect gameplay refinements, new modes, and maybe performance improvements to boot. But on the other hand, one year of development time simply doesn’t leave much room for big changes or fine tuning on whatever changes make the cut. Still, every now and then a publisher manages to pull off a substantially improved entry in a popular yearly series. This year, 2K Sports and Yuke’s have done just that with WWE 2K16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new wrestling game features its largest roster yet, expanded character creation, some reworked gameplay mechanics, and more. Does that all add up to the best wrestling game in years or just more of the same? Read our detailed review with video to find out!