Review: One small step for Kerbals in Kerbal Space Program for Xbox One

One giant boom for us! Or hopefully not, where tiny green astronauts Jebediah and Bill Kerman are concerned.

Kerbal Space Program is a space program administration and flight simulation game, putting you in charge of Kerbals, an alien race. You can create and fly almost anything your imagination will allow, and send Kerbals to explore the universe beyond their own planet, Kermin.

I’ve pieced this rudimentary space rocket haphazardly, I didn’t even do the tutorial before I dived into this space program simulator. I was that excited.

Before I nerd out on everything that entails completely, Jebediah and Bill are looking wet-your-pants excited and terrified respectively. They’re strapped into the cockpit of the lovingly named “Twig and Berries” because I’m childish.

I gave it the full throttle treatment, and my rocket began to rise so slowly I thought it wouldn’t make it off the ground at all. But by Jove, I got the ruddy thing all the way into orbit! Since it was only a basic rocket, I didn’t take into account that I’d need to get the boys back down again, safely.

Building the rockets is the ‘easy’ bit — I’ll get to that in a moment — but the rest of Kerbal Space Program is about as close to running NASA from home as you’re likely to get.