Ready, set, budget: Cyber Monday is coming soon

Last year, Cyber Monday was the highest volume holiday search day on our network1 – exceeding $2 Billion in sales for the first time – the greatest online sales day in history!2 It’s a busy week indeed; half of the top search days fell during Thanksgiving week.1
As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, remember that Cyber Monday falls on the last day of the month – we don’t want you to miss out on significant traffic if your budget may be at risk of running out. Remember to allocate sufficient budget to accommodate the search volume surge before, on, and after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
Total holiday online spend grew 4% in 20143, and E-commerce is expected to grow 14% this season and account for 10% of all sales.4 Cyber Monday sales peak later in the evening,1 so ensure your budget won’t force you to go dark before the end of the day by setting up Automated Rules.
Be sure to check out hour by hour search trends by device – we can tell exactly which hours see peak volume on which device for the top 3 shopping days based on 2014’s data.
Similar to how you can incrementally increase your bid based on days or markets, you can incrementally increase your budget by device! Use these bid modifiers and double down on mobile or key hours – which are late afternoon/early evening.
Even though Cyber Monday is the top spending day, 90% of top online sales still take place in December.5 Be mindful of what’s approaching quickly as you set your December budgets. Don’t lose out on sales and plan ahead with our Holiday Shopping Calendar. Hanukkah, Green Monday, and Christmas Eve (just to name a few) are right around the corner!
Don’t lose out on sales and traffic! Plan your budgets ahead and be sure to check out all of the Holiday Insights below:

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday shopping season!
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