Rare Replay review: Rare returns with this amazing collection of classic games

Today’s gamers could be forgiven for not recognizing Microsoft’s Rare studio as the gaming juggernaut it once was. Microsoft has used and abused poor Rare in recent years, forcing the studio to languish away on Kinect Sports titles rather than the cutting edge games that made it famous. But with the fall of Mattrick and rise of Phil Spencer, Rare is once again poised to become a powerful force in gaming. Rare Replay is the first “core” Rare title since the dark Kinect days. Not only does this 30-game collection celebrate the studio’s 30th anniversary, but it also serves to remind modern gamers exactly how much Rare has contributed to the gaming landscape over the years. With a wide selection of classic games spanning multiple consoles and eras, not to mention a slick interface and bonus features, Rare Replay is an impressive Xbox One exclusive collection. Find out more in our detailed review!