Quiplash review: Another hilarious party game from Jackbox for Xbox One and PCs

In 2014, Jackbox Games released Fibbage as its first Xbox One game. Next the developer followed up with a robust collection called Jackbox Party Pack, which boasted an enhanced version of Fibbage as well You Don’t Know Jack, Drawful, and two games best forgotten. All of these games share the same unique control method: they are played via a web browser on phone, tablet, or PC. This allows for easy text entry and Twitch-oriented multiplayer games. Earlier this year, Jackbox launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for its latest console and PC game: Quiplash. Like its two predecessors, Quiplash is a multiplayer party game played with phones and tablets. This time, the game asks players to invent clever answers to questions. Those questions get put to a vote, and the wittiest person takes the win. Do you need Quiplash in your life if you already have Fibbage or Jackbox Party Pack? Read our detailed review with video to find out!