Plex for Windows 10 PC is now available with mobile coming later

For those home streamers with a vast library of video, music, and photos, you will want to grab the all new Plex for Windows 10. The app update just went live in the Store and is bumped to version 3.0.31. Although the mobile version is still at 8.1, it too will be updated in the coming weeks for Windows 10 Mobile proper.

Plex for Windows 10 is re-written for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and brings with it some new advantages, including better UI scaling and a more modern look. Here is what’s new in Plex for Windows 10!

Plex for Windows 10

Native Windows 10 app built from the ground up to take advantage of Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform.
New UI A completely redesigned beautiful UI, which works and looks great across any device and screen size.
Hubs and discovery!
Continuum (on mobile)
For those who are not familiar Plex is a free service ( that lets you stream media from your home PC or NAS setup to any other digital device at home and abroad. Plex is renowned for its flexibility as it is available on every major platform as well at its easy to setup and use design. The idea is simple as it lets you run a server app on your PC that has access to your media library. Family members can then log in and stream the content to their device including on the Xbox One.