Windows 10 preview build 17123 rolls out to Fast ring Insiders

Windows Insiders in the Fast ring can now get their hands on Windows 10 preview build 17123. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Microsoft is finishing out the week with a new Windows 10 preview build for Fast ring Insiders.

A year after Microsoft announced To-Do, Wunderlist still wins — and that's too bad

Using Cortana, Wunderlist and the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker together has improved our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino’s life. But the combo also made it clear that Microsoft is taking too long with To-Do.

I’ve never been one for reminders, lists, notes, or really any tool that helps organizes my life. I’m just stubborn and they’ve never captured my interest.

Recently, I started using Wunderlist in another attempt to become more efficient. While Microsoft is building out To-Do – the Wunderlist replacement – at a glacial pace, Wunderlist is still much more useful today than the newer tool, especially when you use Cortana. This is why.

Use this $11 HD OTA Antenna to catch some of the NCAA March Madness games

Find out who wins!

It’s March Madness time, which means that you may be considering a cable subscription again to catch the games. Luckily, picking up one of these indoor OTA antennas can help you watch the games without any monthly subscriptions. Coupon code KMU4ZZPA knocks this down to just $10.99, which is more than 50% off. There is also a 60-mile antenna which is down to $12.99 with coupon code F6FZWXVX.

This antenna has a 50-mile range and can access shows up to 1080p from a variety of channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more. The coaxial cable is 16.5-feet long so it can stretch from your TV to your window for the best reception. Of course, it also helps if you live in a more urban environment. If you want to know how much reception you’ll find, you can use this FCC website.

If you want to make sure you can watch all the games, you may want to consider this awesome DIRECTV NOW promo. It scores you three months of access to the service for just $10 a month. The service normally runs $35 a month, so why not get access to three months for less than the price of one?!

Rare reveals Sea of Thieves achievement list

Bask in the glory of Sea of Thieves’ achievements.

Sea of Thieves is almost here and today Rare revealed the game’s achievements. Many of them can be unlocked through gameplay but some, like the Trading Company ones, can only be unlocked if you align with a particular merchant.

Xbox One FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rates: Everything you need to know

AMD FreeSync support is coming to Xbox One – here’s what it is and why you should care.

Microsoft is debuting an assortment of new display options for Xbox One with the Xbox Spring Update. Currently in testing to select members of the Xbox Insider Program, support for 1440p resolutions, Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rates via FreeSync has been added to the console.

Since the launch of the Xbox One X, upcoming support for FreeSync has been one of its most anticipated features. Smoothing out gameplay via specialist hardware, the feature further solidifies the console as one of the top-tier gaming devices on the market. Here’s what you need to know about FreeSync and using it on your Xbox One.

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Minecraft's Update Aquatic comes to beta testers on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Minecraft players can get their first taste of the Update Aquatic with the beta for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android.

Minecraft is getting ready to introduce a whole slew of new aquatic features to the mix, and players can now get a look at them a little early.

Teacher in Ghana who used blackboard to explain computers gets some Microsoft love

Teaching kids how to use a computer is hard enough already, since they’re kids, but just try doing it without any computers. That was the task undertaken by Richard Appiah Akoto in Ghana, and his innovative (and labor-intensive) solution was to draw the computer or application on the blackboard in great detail. His hard work went viral and now Microsoft has stepped in to help out.
Akoto teaches at Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High in the small town of Sekyedomase. He had posted pictures of his magnum opus, a stunning rendition of a complete Microsoft Word window, to Facebook. “I love ma students so have to do what will make them understand wat am teaching,” he wrote. He looks harried in the last image of the sequence.
The post blew up (9.3K reactions at this point), and Microsoft, which has for years been rather quietly promoting early access to computing and engineering education, took notice. It happened to be just before the company’s Education Exchange in Singapore, and they flew him out.
Akoto in Singapore.
It was Akoto’s first time outside of Ghana, and at the conference, a gathering of education leaders from around the world, he described his all-too-common dilemma: The only computers available — one belonging to the school and Akoto’s personal laptop — were broken.
“I wanted to teach them how to launch Microsoft Word. But I had no computer to show them,” he said in an interview with Microsoft at the event. “I had to do my best. So, I decided to draw what the screen looks like on the blackboard with chalk.”
“I have been doing this every time the lesson I’m teaching demands it,” he continued. “I’ve drawn monitors, system units, keyboards, a mouse, a formatting toolbar, a drawing toolbar, and so on. The students were okay with that. They are used to me doing everything on the board for them.”
Pursuing such a difficult method instead of giving up under such circumstances is more than a little admirable, and the kids are certainly better off for having a teacher dedicated to his class and subject. A little computer literacy can make a big difference.
“They have some knowledge about computers, but they don’t know how to actually operate one,” Akoto said. So Microsoft has offered to provide “device and software support” for the school (I’ve asked for specifics, though they may depend on the school’s needs), and Akoto will get a chance to go through Microsoft’s educator certification program (which has other benefits).
Obviously if this school is having this issue, countless more are as well, and could use similar support. And as Akoto himself eloquently pointed out to NPR when his post first went viral, “They are lacking more than just equipment.”
But at least in this case there are a couple of hundred students who will be getting an opportunity they didn’t have before. That’s a start.

Teacher in Ghana who used blackboard to explain computers gets some Microsoft love

Microsoft bug bounty program offers up to $250,000 for vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre

The new bug bounty program will reward disclosure of new speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities.

Microsoft is looking to head off the next Meltdown or Spectre-like vulnerabilities with a lucrative new bug bounty program.

Roguelike shooter 'Genesis: Alpha One' lets players explore the galaxy

Genesis: Alpha One looks like a rare combination of shooting and base-building.

Today, publisher Team17 and developer Radiation Blue released a new trailer for Genesis: Alpha One. Genesis: Alpha One is a roguelike first-person shooter coupled with a base-building and survival game. The game took everyone by surprise when it was announced a few months ago due to its visuals and complex gameplay mechanics. The title should launch on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in 2018.