Noteswift Streamlines Patient Records

NoteSwift exploits the unique capabilities of Azure and Visual Studio to empower doctor’s and increase their work-time productivity.

Based in Boston, NoteSwift Inc. is a startup company specializing in developing software solutions, for the health IT market. Specifically, the company set out to reduce the time it takes doctors to create patient notes within electronic health record systems (EHRs). NoteSwift is attempting to modernize the industry by eliminating the EHR clicks required to complete a patient note. Working with medical speech recognition technologies, NoteSwift provides doctors and other health professionals with the ability to  use their voice to navigate the EHR menu structure and complete patient documentation. 
According to VP of product development Stan Swiniarski,, “We are focused on dramatically reducing the amount of time medical professionals devote to patient notes. Each patient note normally takes over 100 clicks to complete, but we have been able to reduce that to under five clicks – reducing the time a provider spends on a single patient note by over 40%.”
NoteSwift integrates closely with medical speech recognition products and automatically populates the data into the structured fields of the patient note, while also enabling the provider to enter narrative text. This results in increased accuracy, faster input, support of meaningful use (MU) requirements, more accurate billing, and lower reimbursement denials.

A Microsoft BizSpark member, NoteSwift depends on Azure to test its product and ensure that it is fully operational. The company also uses Visual Studio for code sharing, flexibility, and diagnostics.
“Access to Azure software has made it possible to develop and test our application on all relevant Windows platforms,” continues Swiniarski, “We really use Azure as our personal testing platform – deploying our software to test it in a remote desktop as well as App-V deployment. The BizSpark program has been huge for us.”
Looking to cut down on the time doctors spend on patient notes? Want to increase doctor productivity? Check out NoteSwift’s new application.

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