Nanoleaf Aurora is a customizable set of smart lights for gamers

The Nanoleaf Aurora kit has been on the market for a while now, but thanks to new Razer Chroma support, it has a whole new dimension worth exploring.

The Nanoleaf Aurora light kit is a staple of fancy office battle stations, allowing users to customize the ambiance and mood of their home spaces. However, I found myself intrigued for another reason: Razer Chroma integration.

For those who don’t know, Razer Chroma is a system that allows video games to synchronize up to Razer’s lighting platform, typically used in the company’s mice and keyboards. Razer doesn’t make its own smart lights (yet), but it does allow Chroma to sync up with third-party offerings, including Philips Hue, and of course, Nanoleaf.

So just how good are the light panels in real life, though? Read one.

Epic lighting for every occasion

Nanoleaf Aurora


Bottom line: If you have the right walls for it, the Nanoleaf Aurora kit is a gorgeous bit of home tech for any connected-home fan.