Mobile Nations Weekly: Pokémon Going

If you’re reading this you’re not catching ’em all.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this new game called Pokémon Go and well, everyone is playing it. Everyone. Including you.

Out now for Android and iPhone, Pokémon Go brings the classic Pokémon into the modern smartphone world. Not only do you capture and train your Pokémon to fight others, but you can actually go out into the world and capture Pokémon — it is perhaps the most intrinsically mobile of games.

Apart from that, Verizon fiddled with their data plans, giving customers more data but demanding more money in the process — at least there’s now roll-over data and throttled overages. Speaking of Verizon, the launch-exclusive Moto Z Droid Edition and Moto Z Droid Edition are coming on July 14.

BlackBerry killed the BB10-powered Classic, but don’t fear — the BlackBerry keyboard is here to stay. And even though it seems like WWDC 2016 was only a few short weeks ago, but the public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are now available for you to download and try.

New builds and rumors abounded for the Windows crowd, with fresh Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds for PC And Mobile and the addition of double-tap to wake on the Lumia 950. Rumors are continuing to swirl about the next Surface, supposedly due in the fall, and the anticipated HP Elite x3 will evidently come in blingy gold.