Mobile Nations Weekly: Note 5, BlackBerry doing Android, and Apple Music: The Book

It’s been a great week in mobile tech, and this is your look back at it all! Last week saw the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and this week saw Android Central’s definitive review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and as you might expect, it’s a great device for the Android crowd. But the more interesting Android news came out of the CrackBerry camp, with new renders that all but confirm that BlackBerry’s upcoming Venice slider will run Android — in the same week as the BlackBerry 10-powered Passport Silver Edition saw its own review. It’s a mad mad world. On the other side of things, iMore released the comprehensive guide to Apple Music. And as Windows 10 hits millions more PCs around the globe, Microsoft unleashed a new preview build of upcoming improvements on the world and a Slack beta for Windows Phone finally got a wide release. There’s all that and more in this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly! Take the State of the Mobile Nations Phones and Carriers Survey for your chance to win $600 towards a new Windows Phone of your choice!