Mobile Nations Weekly: Modular, mainstream, McLaren

Moto’s modular masterpiece and Nokia’s never known novelty.

Motorola’s latest phones — the Moto Z and Moto Z Force have at long last arrived, but with a catch: they’re Verizon “Droid”-brand exclusives for now. But give it a little while and the modular-backed smartphones will be available elsewhere. And even though the BlackBerry Security Summit was all about, well, security, we couldn’t help but wander about new BlackBerry devices — word on that is coming next week.

Windows Mobile is going through something of a retrenchment period while a new path forward is plotted, but before things went south there was the Nokia McLaren. This highly impressive Windows Phone never saw the light of day until now, and we’ve got everything you need to know about its giant camera, all-metal body, and insane depth- and pressure-sensing display. Oh, and Microsoft made a bunch of money in the last quarter.

VR took a step into the mainstream with an impressive Mr. Robot tie-in and a new Star Wars game for HTC Vive. Speaking of the Vive, it’s cropping up in the most unexpected places, like hospitals.

And, as you might expect, PokéGeddon continues, and we’re all in. There’s a new podcast — Go Time! — tips on throwing Pokémon Go curveballs, and a parent’s guide to the insanity.