Mobile Nations Weekly: IFA 2015 Edition

It’s IFA week! The team’s in Berlin checking out all the latest, so let’s get to it! This week marked the tech extravaganza that is IFA 2015. The team headed to Berlin to check out all the latest and came away impressed with the offerings. They were small and wrist-worn, but impressive nonetheless. Yes, we’re talking about smartwatches, the most impressive and surprising of which was the Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch. But Samsung and companies like Motorola and Huawei showing off their new wearables were not the only shows in town. PC makers had a strong presence, presenting their latest wares, including a slew of laptops powered by Intel’s new Skylake processors and an insane 4K 12-inch laptop and a stunningly-thin Windows 10 tablet from Toshiba. There’s a whole lot more that went down this week, so click on through to check it all out!