Microsoft may get game streaming right with Xbox 'XCloud'

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver a strong game streaming service with the rumored Xbox “XCloud.” Here’s why.

Microsoft’s E3 2018 Xbox press conference wrapped up with big promises, offering a tease of ambitious gaming developments on the horizon. Xbox head and Microsoft Executive Vice President of Gaming, Phil Spencer, touched on plans to deliver its cloud-based “XCloud” game streaming platform, committing to “console-quality games” on any device. It’s a big promise, with many having tried and failed in the space, and some major hurdles to overcome.

However, Redmond’s proposed solution could deliver a significantly more viable solution to what’s on the market today. Microsoft is approaching the technology from a vastly different viewpoint, backed by its colossal cloud infrastructure and nearly two decades of consoles. Here’s how the XCloud service comes from a unique place, and why Microsoft can set itself apart from the competition.