Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 – NOW AVAILABLE!

Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 is now available!

The new Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 release contains a plethora of fixes and new features. For those of you who are not familiar with the Management Reporter module available within Microsoft Dynamics GP, this tool is the state of the art reporting tool that replaced FRx. Previously, the FRx tool required users to purchased licenses for different types of users. But now, Management Reporter is an out-of-the-box solution in Microsoft Dynamics GP that offers an unlimited number of users, free.
The new Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 release fixes and features include:

The ability to view a report in the web viewer in a grid view
Display zero rounded values and zero actual values based on a report definition option
The option to choose where the line number column displays on a report
Display date formats in the report header based on regional settings
Display calculated rows on the same line for different columns
Additional fixes for old product defects

In addition to the fixes and features, the new Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 release also includes several installation and configuration changes including:

Omission of licensing checks; Management Reporter now supports an unlimited number of users (please note that if you are not currently using an unlimited license version of Management Reporter, you must stay compliant with your license requirements)
Microsoft PowerShell 3.0 and newer is now a requirement on Management Reporter server machines
Changes were made to the database schema; you may need to update your existing queries or scripts
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported by the new release of Management Reporter

The number of fixes and features available within the new Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 release is sure to make your reporting experience more efficient. To learn more about upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, contact us today!
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