Lulzbot Mini 2 desktop is a portable, professional quality 3D printer

An amazing 3D-printing machine for a great price.

When I first got into 3D printing I made the conscious decision to go cheap. Over the years, I have increased my budget to include printers up to around $1,000, but I’ve never wanted to go above that. After all, how much better could a $1500 printer be than a $700 one? It turns out it can be a whole lot better.

The Lulzbot Mini 2 is quite simply a professional quality desktop printer. With such a small form factor, Lulzbot could have been forgiven for cutting corners. Instead, it created a precisely engineered, open source, and feature packed little machine.

This Lulzbot Mini 2 was loaned to us for the purposes of the review, and I’ve been using it for almost a month. It also came with 1 kg of 2.85 mm Polylite PLA from Polymaker that I used all of to create the models you will see in the review.

A lot of smarts in a portable package

Lulzbot Mini 2