Kerbal Space Program is headed to the Xbox One

If you’re a fan of space sims, you’ll be excited to know that Kerbal Space Program is making its way to the Xbox One. While the game reached version 1.0 on PC in April, this will mark its console debut. If you’re unfamiliar with Kerbal Space Program, the game places you in the cold expanse of space as you explore the universe around you. The universe is realistically modeled, with accurate simulations for flying, heat, and other properties and actions. Essentially, you’ll be able to build, launch, and fly rockets to desired destinations to start exploring worlds around you. The development team isn’t talking a release date or price yet, but the game is currently available for PC on Steam at $39.99, so we wouldn’t expect it to venture too far from that mark. Speaking of which, if you’d like to give the Kerbal Space Program a shot on PC before it hits the Xbox One, you can hit up the link below to check it out. Buy Kerbal Space Program on Steam ($39.99) Source: Kerbal Space Program forums