Keep playing with the Logitech G300s gaming mouse on sale for just $15

The Logitech G300s optical ambidextrous gaming mouse has dropped to its lowest price of $14.99 through Amazon. We haven’t seen this mouse drop this low in a long, long time outside of big sales events like Black Friday. It normally goes for around $22 or more. Sure, it’s already a pretty inexpensive mouse but getting a budget mouse at an even more affordable price is just improving the value.

Logitech G300s optical gaming mouse | $7 off

A classic gaming mouse that is ambidextrous and built to last. It won’t let you down, and at this price it makes sense to have one even if you’re just using it as a backup for your current mouse.

$14.99 at Amazon

This mouse probably isn’t going to revolutionize how you game, but not every mouse should. Sometimes it’s just handy to have a spare in case your main mouse goes down for the count. Keep a back up with you in case you need to travel. Have a second mouse for a second piece of gear like a laptop. There’s a bunch of different reasons you might want a really good, relatively inexpensive gaming mouse on hand.

The nice thing about the G300s is it still comes with plenty of features despite its cost. For one thing, it’s ambidextrous so it doesn’t matter what hand you use. That’s important for the lefties out there like me that need to know just how comfortable the mouse is going to feel. It also has a gaming-grade optical sensor that can easily and accurately track all of your motion across a bunch of different surfaces.

There are nine programmable buttons on the mouse, which means you can set hotkeys and adjust keybinds based on the games you play or the applications you’re using. With the included onboard memory, you can store up to three different profiles that change those buttons as you change your interests.

Keep playing with the Logitech G300s gaming mouse on sale for just