How A Web-based Order Entry Portal for Microsoft Dynamcis Can Mobilize Your Sales Team

Are your field sales reps having trouble servicing their customers because of out-of-date or inadequate sales tools? They aren’t alone, 64 percent of enterprises are making mobility critical or high priority on their technology agendas. That’s because customers nowadays are tech-savvy with hundreds of choices at their fingertips. If you’re not providing your sales reps with the right tools to assist their customers, chances are those customers will find another company that is. Read this blog post to learn how a web-based order entry portal can improve customer service.
Take Their Work on the Road
By allowing sales reps to create orders out of the office, they can better serve their customers and avoid any miscommunication that may arise. With a web-based order entry portal for Microsoft Dynamics, your reps can access customer accounts and place orders for them, all while sharing the same web store experience your customers receive. Even if they are in a remote location with no Internet access, once they reconnect, all data entered, like new orders or updates to customer accounts, will be synced automatically with Microsoft Dynamics.
Benefits of k-eCommerce Sales Portal
With a web-based order entry portal integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP from k-eCommerce, your business will benefit in more ways than one. Your sales reps have the ability to create quotes, orders and returns when they are on the road. They also have access to real-time pricing and availability along with historical customer order and account information. One of the biggest benefits of k-eCommerce Sales Portal is the control you’ll have. With permission-based logins per team member and no seat limitations, all of your field sales reps can access the data they need to in order to best serve their customers. This tool doesn’t require any seats in Microsoft Dynamics either and is a user-friendly, web application that your field sales reps can learn how to use quickly and easily.
k-eCommerce Sales Portal for your field sales reps allows them to do their job effectively, while providing the best customer service. To learn more about k-eCommerce Sales Portal, talk to one of our eCommerce experts.
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