Hit the road hard with these great travel accessories for Xbox One

Video game consoles are meant to be played at home, but sometimes we might need to take a system with us to a hotel, event, or elsewhere. If you’re going to take your Xbox One on the go, you’ll have a better time with the right accessories.

Whether it’s a bag, monitor or some simpler accessories like hard drives and controller cases you’re looking for, here are some great accessories to get you gaming on the go.

CTA Digital Multi-Function Case for Xbox One

On the affordable end of the spectrum is CTA Digital’s Multi-Function Carrying Case. It’s a black messenger-style bag that can hold an Xbox One, a Kinect, and a few accessories.

The front side of the CTA Digital Carrying Case contains two external pockets, one sized to hold cables and smaller accessories, the other large enough to comfortably hold up to three Xbox One controllers. The main body of the bag is divided into two compartments: one that snugly fits an Xbox One and secures it with four Velcro straps; the other for more accessories, such as controllers, a Kinect, power supplies, and more.

CTA Digital’s case sells for around $30, so it won’t break the bank.

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