Here's a list of Windows 10 S devices you can buy right now

Are you looking for a laptop with Windows 10 S? Here’s a list of all the laptops we’ve found so far shipping with Windows 10 S today!

Windows 10 S is what Microsoft wants the future of Windows to be. It’s a version of Windows that stays fast, secure, and is locked to the Microsoft Store for all your apps and games. Announced last year, only a handful of Windows 10 S devices have made their way to the market, with more scheduled for release this year. Most of the Windows 10 S laptops on the market today are low-end, low-cost devices, not premium ones.

Still, here’s a list of devices we’ve found that are available to buy today with Windows 10 S. We’ll update this article whenever we find more, so bookmark it and come back later to see more!

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is the rightful king of the Windows 10 S market. Being the first device to launch with Windows 10 S, the Surface Laptop is a device designed to show the world what a Windows 10 S laptop is supposed to look like. It’s a premium, straight-up laptop that has no special 2-in-1 capabilities. It’s the MacBook of the Windows 10 S world, and it’s great.