Here are all the Universal apps launching with the Xbox One Summer Update

With the arrival of the Xbox One’s Summer Update, a range of new features has been introduced to further merge the console into the Windows ecosystem. Among the additions is a new universal storefront, which unifies the existing Xbox Store with its Windows counterpart.

As a part of the update, support has been added for Universal Windows applications on the Xbox One. At this point in time, the rollout has been slow but steady, with only a few apps currently on the console. We’ve compiled a list of all the Universal Windows apps available on the Xbox One today.

With the new Xbox Store, it’s not currently possible to link to apps for the console. As a workaround, applications installed on your Windows 10 devices will appear in the ‘Ready to Install’ section on your Xbox One console. Alternatively, applications can be searched for on the console via the Xbox Store.

Apps Available Worldwide


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