Grab the Razer Cynosa gaming keyboard on sale for $40 and get gaming

You can get the Razer Cynosa Chroma spill-resistant gaming keyboard for a low price of $39.99 today at Amazon. While we have seen this keyboard go as low as $35 before, we’ve also seen it sell as high as $60. Today’s price is fantastic compared to that and really makes this an excellent budget keyboard considering all the features it has. You can find it going for around $50 or more at most other retailers, too, so Amazon has the best price around as it is.

Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard | $10 off

A fantastic keyboard that includes features like Razer’s Chroma tech that lets you customize your lighting and sync it with the games you’re playing. It has anti-ghosting and button mapping and plenty of other things you can do with it as well to persoanlize your typing experience.

$39.99 at Amazon

The Cynosa features individually backlit keys with over 16 million customizable color options and a spill-resistant design to keep it working perfectly even after the occasional accident. No point to staying thirsty because you’re afraid of ruining your peripherals! Its 10 key anti-ghosting capability allows you to execute up to ten commands at once while its personalized lighting and button mapping help to enhance your gameplay experience. Razer’s Hypershift lets you execute complex commands and remap all keys or keypress combinations.

The Chroma tech is Razer’s version of RGB. You’ll get the 16 million customizable color options like mentioned before, but it also does so much more. Chroma can sync with the games you’re playing and the rest of your smart home. Imagine when your keyboard turns red that the Philips Hue bulbs behind you turn red, too. It’s full gaming immersion, and Razer has partnered with up to 30 companies to work with all Chroma hardware. Play all sorts of games including popular shiooters like Fortnite or Halo Infinite, big RPGs like Elden Ring, and plenty more.

The keyboard supports up to 80 million clicks, so it will last for a long time. Razer supports it with a two-year warranty.

Grab the Razer Cynosa gaming keyboard on sale for and get gaming