Grab LG's 240Hz 27-inch gaming monitor at its lowest price of $180

The LG Ultragear 27GP750-B 27-inch gaming monitor has dropped to a ridiculously low price of $179.99 at Amazon. The street price for this display is $300, and it has never dropped below $250 through Amazon before. Today’s sale is unique and probably won’t last long. It’s still going for as much as $500 in some places, if you can even find it.

LG 27-inch 240Hz 1080p gaming monitor | $120 off

A fantastic monitor that forgets about pixel resolution and focuses on the other two stats: refresh rate and response time. It’s a great screen if you’re a gamer and play battle royales and other modern shooters because that 240Hz refresh rate is going to be really noticeable for you.

$179.99 at Amazon

If you start with a baseline of specs that includes something like 1080p resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a response time around 3-5ms, then getting better in any of those categories usually means a steep increase in price. If you want to greatly improve one of those, then trying to improve them all just makes the price jump exponentially. So if you live in a world where the best possible refresh rate is key to you, but you also don’t have the budget for extreme price jumps, then you need a little compromise. That’s what this monitor does. It gives you a 240Hz refresh rate, which is nuts, but keeps the resolution at 1080p. That’s an acceptable change if you’re into twitchy games, fast-paced shooters, battle royales, and competitive play because that 240Hz is going to mean a lot more to you than the resolution.

That crazy 240Hz refresh rate is great, but it’s not the only feature either. The monitor uses an IPS panel and manages a 1ms response time, which is impressive as historically IPS panels have had trouble with that. The screen also has adaptive sync with AMD FreeSync Premium natively. It is Nvidia G-Sync compatible as well.

Grab LG's 240Hz 27-inch gaming monitor at its lowest price of 0