Get a $10 Target gift card with the new LEGO Star Wars video game

If Jar-Jar Binks really is a Sith Lord, LEGO isn’t going to tell you. Still, if you have an interest in playing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on your Xbox, you can get it at its regular $59.99 price with a $10 gift card when you purchase it at Target. This is a brand new game that just released, and it already has a lot of people talking because it’s just so much fun. Unfortunately that means it’s not quite ready to go on sale yet, so if you’re interested this is probably your best bet for savings. The game is $60 everywhere, but only Target gives you this extra bonus. The gift card will have to be used on a future purchase, but if you shop at Target at all anyway it’s essentially just free money for the future.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game | $10 gift card

Play through all the movies and relive the stories in a way only LEGO can communicate. Wield a lightsaber, stay away from the Dark Side, get annoyed by Jar-Jar all over again. And get a free $10 gift card you can use on future Target purchases.

$59.99 at Target

Rebecca Spear said this new LEGO Star Wars game is a “Must Play” and gave it 4 stars out of 5 in this review. She said, “LEGO understands Star Wars better than even Stars Wars knows Star Wars. Any fan will love seeing these classic stories with this humorous twist.”

And really you get a ton of content with this one purchase. There are NINE movies to play through. Start from the chronological beginning or play them in the same order they played on the big screen. You choose. LEGO has a way of making these stories that we are infinitely familiar with seem new and engaging all over again, with humor and silly twists that tend to subvert your expectations.

You can play as a bunch of different characters, unlock all types of ships and other content, and generally just smash the entire universe of Star Wars to bits just to collect your LEGO pieces. Race Kylo Ren around Tattoine or take Bobba Fett to the Death Star. You never know what secrets get revealed on a second playthrough with a completely different set of skills, which just adds to the replayability of these games.

Get a Target gift card with the new LEGO Star Wars video game