Four reasons why the Surface Go's bezels are so thick

Dem bezels on Microsoft’s latest Surface are driving some mad. Here are a few reasons why they’re so thick.

Reception so far of the new Microsoft Surface Go seems to be excellent with many people excited about a small, easily portable Surface PC running full Windows 10 – especially at that lower price point.

But if there is one complaint we’re hearing a lot: ‘dem bezels… why are they so thick?

Like a lot of things in life, there’s no single answer, but rather a few reasons as to for the large black bars around the Surface Go’s display. Here are a few we learned about when talking to some people at Microsoft regarding the Surface Go – and a few apparent explainers too.

1. Surface Go is for everyone (including kids)

Microsoft is positioning the Surface Go as an accessible Surface for all users, and that means those little tykes in elementary school. It’s no secret that Microsoft is pushing hard on education lately and Surface Go is part of that strategy.

Gripping a 10-inch tablet with those teeny digits is a bit easier when you have a thicker bezel. Granted, a child in third grade could wield a more massive Surface Pro (1.7lbs, no keyboard) but the Surface Go’s mere 1.15-pound heft lends itself better for kids K-12 in schools.