Former Microsoft developer Mike Porter talks gaming degrees and games

Not too long ago, you couldn’t just learn how to make games at college. Video games are a relatively new form of media, only becoming popular in the 1980s. The earliest game developers came from other disciplines, whether it was computer science, art, etc. and learned how to create and contribute to games through practical experience. Nowadays, more and more universities offer at least some game-specific classes. A few even have game-specific degree programs, allowing students to focus on games from the very beginning of their higher education. At QuakeCon 2015, I met with Mike Porter of San Diego-based NewSchool and New Zealand-based Media Design School to learn about his schools’ gaming education programs. Mike formerly worked at Microsoft on Windows 8 and games like Halo 3. Even if you don’t aspire to make games, you’ll want to watch our video interview for Mike’s insights into gaming!